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Prices for Trade Fair Catering in Cologne and Dusseldorf

While we have a very transparent pricing system for our regular Cologne based fine dining catering services, price information is more difficult for trade fairs.

Generally, our pricing system and thus prices are straight-forward and very transparent: We do not have any hidden fees for cleaning, delivery or administration which increase prices.

While we would like to be as straight forward for our trade fair catering prices, the costs for trade fairs are a more difficult issue: our services for trade fairs are less standardized and more tailored to our clients’ specific requests and demands.

From experience we can give a general price range: Prices usually are in a range between 12 and 30 Euros per guest. The prices vary depending on the amount of service staff as well as on the amount and type of drinks consumed.

As mentioned before, we allow our clients to supply their own beverages. Thus, considerable costs can be saved in this area.

No extra fees for trade fair catering

You can still get a more detailed idea of prospective costs by looking at our pricing system for our regular catering services; prices for trade fair catering in Cologne, Bonn or Dusseldorf compare very closely.

We specialised in fine dining finger food for the Bonn-Cologne-Dusseldorf area. Our finger food is generally not more expensive for catering at the trade fair than for any shop opening or exhibition in the city centre of Cologne. If you decide to order the basic finger food menu for your trade fair showroom, the price will not be any different.

Our target clients are those who value quality over costs: Thus our target clients are not bargain-hunters. Rather, our target clients are those who expect an appropriate payment for their own products and services and in turn expect the same when it comes to catering and food. Usually, lower prices come from lower costs for ingredients and service, which leads to a decline in quality. This does not only hold for us but for all companies.

Trade fair catering at an appropriate price

Kunz-Mahl catering does not compete by the price but by the quality of our food and other services. We choose to be open about our prices instead of displaying apparently low prices at first sight with numerous hidden costs to cover our costs.

Occasionally, we receive “spam” requests where an exhibitor requests multiple caterers at once aiming to find the cheapest provider of catering services.

We do not participate in those competitions. It will definitely be possible to find a cheaper catering service. By the same token, it is extremely likely that the food provided will be less original and of lower quality than what we can offer you.

If you are a trade fair exhibitor and our offerings have sparked your interest please refer to our homepage (www.kunz-mahl.de) for a more detailed overview on our costs and fees to get a rough idea of the prices for trade fair catering in Cologne, Bonn or Dusseldorf. Or send us an e-mail and you will get a free offer from us.

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