Klassiker im Fingerfood: Crêpes mit Wildlachs
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Incentives at trade fair: Cooking Parties with Professionals

Incentives are little concessions, events or trips typically used by companies to encourage or motivate their employees, suppliers, customers or other people important to the operation of a company.

For many exhibitors, trade fairs represent a great opportunity to gather together all the people associated with a company. To foster the team spirit, companies may choose to go for a drink or two to the historical cities of Cologne, Dusseldorf or Bonn.

For team building purposes we offer an ideal alternative which will capture the heart for a long time: Cooking Parties. Those get-to-gethers are ideal for a group of 20 to maximum 40 people. They take place in our local kitchen, where all the Kunz-Mahl dishes are prepared every day.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Usually, before the actual Cooking Party begins, we serve some finger food and sparkling wine or champagne to relax the atmosphere and to have every guest get comfortable. Then, your employees/guests with help from our experienced personnel will prepare and cook dishes based on the original Kunz-Mahl recipes.

Conversations develop in this kind of personal setting. Of course, the evening is planned in a way that ensures excellent food in an appropriate amount of time so that everyone can gather together, eat, drink and chat.

The quality of the food which your employees prepare will be equal to the excellent quality and standard for which Kunz-Mahl is famous and well-known in Cologne and the surrounding area. This will be ensured by our personnel, if this should prove necessary. Consequently, your staff will experience the preparation of extraordinary food in excellent quality. This feeling of success as well as the atmosphere The atmosphere at those evenings is unforgettable for everyone involved.

Additionally, every participant will receive an exclusive, high-quality cooking apron and the produce which is not consumed at the evening (such as pastry) to take home as a souvenir and may render unnecessary the search for small presents for people at home.

Our kitchen is located in central Cologne, only 15 Minutes away from the trade fair in Cologne.

Please find photos of recent Cooking Parties (“Kochparty” in German) on our website.

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