Klassiker im Fingerfood: Crêpes mit Wildlachs
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PR Meetings, Press conferences and Extraordinary Product Presentations at Trade Fairs Cologne and Dusseldorf

All of these events generally have one characteristic in common:

The exhibitors and people who organize this type of event seek to show the general public as well as some specific groups the latest news and developments of their product live. Having an appropriate environment for these types of events can be beneficial: if the journalists and other guests are in a good mood, fostered by a nice atmosphere, good food and refreshing drinks, they may see the new product in an even more positive way.

We like to treat the guests of the exhibitors and all our other clients to the best. Our food is extraordinary in every sense of the word: We do not offer ordinary snacks. New, interesting, special and extraordinary combinations are our business.

If journalists and other PR people important to new product presentations are served innovative food tasting very good, this impression will transfer to the new product, the company and the whole event. This positive image transfer is an extra gain, which has been made possible through our food.

From experience we can say that the guests at these kinds of events do not aim at satisfying their hunger. Instead, they want to be entertained. Finger food offers the ideal solution for these kinds of events. There are unlimited possibilities for creative combinations, which reenforces the perception of the innovative choice of the company.

Many of our exhibitors prefer if the food suits and re-enforces the origin of the company as well as the new product. Thus, we are glad to tailor our offer to your special requests and desires; we will find the perfect fit between traditional food from your region and the occasion.

We do not only supply finger food for PR meetings, press conferences and fashion shows but also product presentations and product introductions outside the trade fair setting.

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